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I had the opportunity this morning to revisit a garden that we designed and installed a couple of years ago. Its always so good to make a return visit because when we leave everything is young or bare or the plants are small and we just love to be able to see things mature?

So, this is the site we had on arrival. We have the brick wall which dominates the site and behind it effectively green and a fence, which has to be fair seen better days. So here we are. We’ve installed the new fence, you can see the foundations for the decking are in place and the ground has largely been cleared for future planting.

On the left hand side is the newly fabricated stairway. The railings are there on the side so that the decking area can be easily accessed safely and you’ll also notice that their colour matched to the decking. The composite decking is also light gray. It just gives everything a nice clean new, kind of fresh feel.

This is what greeted me this morning? It’s beautiful. There are euronymous, there are foxgloves, there are fuchsias, there are irises, there’s clematis. There are pansies. It’s just an awesome transformation. The fence has been partially painted that really makes things stand out looks so cool too.

Here’s a better view of the fuchsias and you can just see the honeysuckle creeping in there. And this year honeysuckle has been superb. I’ve been out sometimes walking and the smell, the scent has literally just stopped me in my tracks. Absolutely unreal. I look around from the other side. You can clearly see the euronymous and there’s some borrage in there. Some people will tell you to avoid it. But if you like it, it’s a great flower for wildlife. There’s lovely tiny blue flowers. You just need to stay on top of it as it will dominate your garden if you let it. But again, if you look you can see those fuschias clearly and at the back purple clematis, absolutely beautiful.

And here is the last shot, there are some pots on the wall just to take the edge off the whole design, it is a lovely place to sit in the sun.

It’s lovely to go back and visit those places when they’ve had a chance to mature because that’s what we love. It’s about making amazing outside spaces that are full of life that are vibrant, bringing life into your garden.

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