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Do you want a wildlife friendly garden? This is my wildlife friendly garden. So, what makes it Wildlife friendly?  Firstly a pond, a pond is vital because it completes the habitats needed for all parts of the life cycle for many creatures.

Secondly, the planting, the planting is all specifically for insects, whether that’s tomatoes or honeysuckle. Whether it’s foxgloves or hollyhocks, hebes, lavenders, or whether that’s wystyria, all of these plants are specifically put here for wildlife. With shrubs and perennials there’s not too much work to do. We also have animal boxes. There is an insect box behind me. There’s a bird box up in the tree. Oh, and do you know this year? We actually had wren’s that nested in the eagle that is behind me. That is so cool.  So, I’ll design you a wildlife friendly Garden, prices start from £695.00  Call 07970 41478 for or e mail us through here.

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