5 Sensational ways a Garden Design will SAVE YOU MONEY.  Number 3 is the one you’ll love!

Garden Design is often seen as an unnecessary expense, in this article Simon clearly demonstrates how a Garden Design will actually save you money and maybe even make you some.
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It’s remarkably common and somewhat perplexing how many potential clients seek to cut corners by forgoing a garden design. The difference between a well-designed garden and one with a basic square patio, rectangular beds, and a haphazardly placed shed is striking. Your outdoor space has the potential to be a sanctuary for your mental well-being, and its design should reflect that.

Just as you wouldn’t embark on building an extension without architect-drawn plans, starting a business without a well-structured plan. Or, attempting a diet without a clear strategy, you shouldn’t undertake garden design without the guidance of a professional garden designer.

So, you might wonder, “How a garden designer will save you money?” Here are some compelling reasons:

1. One-time Investment: When you engage a garden designer, they’ll create a coherent design that reflects a specific theme, be it modern contemporary, Mediterranean, or cottage style. This design not only adds aesthetic value but also ensures that every expense, from materials like paving and decking to plant selection, aligns with the theme. By having a clear design, you’ll avoid spending money on elements that don’t fit, sidestepping costly mistakes.

2. Budget Clarity: It’s essential to establish your budget upfront. A skilled designer will craft a design that realistically aligns with your financial capacity. Whether you intend to implement the design all at once or in stages, it provides a clear plan to follow.

3. Efficient Spending: With a well-thought-out design, landscapers can procure precisely the right amount of materials needed. This eliminates wastage and overspending. The design ensures that everyone involved can visualize the end result, minimizing unexpected expenses.

4. Informed Planting Choices: You gain control over the size and maturity of the plants to include in your garden. Opt for smaller, less mature plants that will eventually flourish into the envisioned backdrop. This approach is akin to the Chelsea Flower Show, where you’re investing in the potential of your garden.

5. Added Home Value: A thoughtfully designed garden can enhance your home’s value, potentially increasing it by 5% to 10%. For instance, if your home is worth £250K, this translates to £12.5K to £25K, which is usually the average cost of a garden design and build. It’s an investment that not only saves you money but can also yield a significant return.

The Summary:

In summary, the question to ask yourself is, “Why not engage a garden designer if you value your finances?” A garden design isn’t merely an expense; it’s a wise investment that not only saves you money but can also make you money.

And when it comes to cost, a garden design typically accounts for no more than 5% to 10% of the estimated design cost.

So, if you’re ready to explore the possibilities of your garden while saving money, why not reach out for a chat? How a garden designer will save you money becomes crystal clear when you experience the results firsthand.


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