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We got a call from these lovely clients who had a need for a family friendly garden that their son could kick a ball around in, was hard wearing, very low maintenance, (the wisteria looks lovely now it’s had a trim) and still has a wildlife friendly nature to it. We have used artificial turf for ball kicking and no mowing, surrounded it with some meadow turf to bring in the vitality of insect life and included some appropriate planting in the far left corner, hydrangea, hostas and lavendars, to name a few. There are two seating areas, one made of sandstone, our skilled technicians have cut some lovely curves, Big up Timo; the other from sleepers, with a pergola to support some climbers, we recommend pasiflora or clematis.

There is a rose arch (SIC) to support the wisteria as it is trained along the fence.

“We are very pleased with our new garden so thanks to you and your guys for the hard work,” Tom Reading 29 July 19

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