A designed garden at your house can add value to your property if and when you decide to sell it.

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We’ve had a pretty rough summer.

Many of us haven’t gone on holiday. We’ve been at home and maybe it’s time to think about investing in that home. You see if you’ve saved some money by not going on holiday, or not needing child care, or not using the car all the time, then maybe if you could invest those savings in your house. That would bring you benefits of another kind from your garden.

You see if you’ve got a really amazing low maintenance garden that is full of life and vitality you add value to your house.

Maybe it’s would be a great time to think about designing your garden so that when you decide to move on or even if you decided to stay put you’re putting value in on to your house. We can design you a garden to achieve just that, Prices generally start at about £895. We can help put value on your house!

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