A front garden designed for regular holiday goers.

Our clients like to spend as much time as possible globetrotting in their camper van when the weather and the world allow. This means they want a garden that requires as little maintenance as possible. They also wanted to enlarge the drive way so they could easily get their camper van on and off as easily as possible.

That meant no grass and shrubs. They also had a problem with excess water on the lawn. That meant soak aways had to be inserted into the front lawn. Some of the existing shrubs would be kept if possible. Simple the design had to be simple and provide some year round colour.

Shrubs included, for example, weigelia, mahonia, choisia, camelia, pyracantha, hebes and caryopteris amongst others.

We think the landscaping looks stunning and can’t wait to see the planting when it is added later in the year!

‘We love the clean lines and the fact that we won’t have to do very much to look after it. We just need warmer weather now, for planting and so we can go on holiday without worrying about the garden.’ Mrs Hersant. February 21

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