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This is a little video showing you the evolution of my garden. The one that I’ve shot most of my videos in through the spring and summer of this year and It’s been really interesting just to show you how it became the way it is.

Seven years ago this was the decking under the Copper Beech Tree. We’d just put in the block paving and the birdbath to the left. It’s actually survived all of the reincarnations that the garden has gone through since. This is a shot from the decking itself looking down. The paving is standing out as the major feature. There’s still not much planting to the left hand side, which was previously just grass.

There is some established planting to the right hand side. The acanthus is one that stands out and you can see the Syringa in the back there as well. So we know it’s spring.  This photo is looking the other way, back towards the decking the pergola now is close to the right and you can see the trunk of the Copper Beech Tree at the back.

 This is a picture that was taken last year taken by Tony Winfield and I just love this view of the garden which normally just don’t ever get to see.  It’s amazing to see how much of the garden is actually taking up with planting. We can see roses. There’s a white rose. We can see the Sycamore is in full leaf. The copper beech is in full Leaf. It’s just an unusual and very special shot.

This is the pond just after installation. So it’s about two and a half years old. We put the pond in here in the October and you can see there’s no planting in there at the moment. We put turf around the edge. You see the bed by the birdbath is still completely bare, but it’s just shows you that everything has to start off simple and basic. the birdbath is the same, you can see the acer at the back is just coming Into leaf and behind that we’ve got the geese doing their thing.

This shot in the front is a purple clematis, an Italian leather plant with the most beautiful purple flowers. Behind that is a star jasmine.  This year the Jasmine  scent has just been unbelievably awesome, like honeysuckle, it stops you in your tracks.

Back to the pond. This is the view into the corner. You can see that decking I mentioned at the very  beginning has been laid over the upper part of the pond painted black and that’s where ultimately we spend a lot of time sitting in the shade of the Copper Beech Tree. The idea was the top Pond is somewhere you can put your feet in, have a paddle and we keep it clear of plants and the bottom section is going to become our Wildlife pond that’s full of planting and vegetation.

And it’s worked out great.

Here’s the same view that’s actually this year. It’s very early on in the year as we haven’t got in and cleaned it up and sorted it out after it’s winter overgrowth. The calthi has produced those lovely yellow flowers which are beautiful in springtime and on the you can just about see bottom. There’s silver leaves of a silver ragwort. There’s a viburnum to the back left and you can just about make out the Mahonia.

This is the view from the other side of the pond. Now we have a choisia here to the right has the white flowers. There are foxgloves in front of the birdbath. There are roses further over to the left. You can get a really good shot of the silver ragwort now and you can see alliums over towards the pergola and obviously bordered at the top by the leaves of the copper beech.

This is another shot from the pond. This is this year and it gives you a really good comparison to just see how much the planting is really come on. We’ve cleaned everything out now, got all of the winter growth that we don’t want anymore, which is brilliant. The acers are coming into Leaf. The choisia here is still white. You can see bluebells in the background just in front of the statue of a Frayne Anagogna.

It’s just full of colour and it’s beautiful and I love it. I love it so much.

This is another shot of another statue with another bird bath on the top and there’s bluebells. I just love and adore bluebells. Love it.

Here’s one of our Fairy Gardens, we’ve got some fungi and some toadstools. Mushrooms that have grown and are just kind of blending in, giving it a little bit of authenticity. You can see a purple clematis, one of the most beautiful purple’s you can get in your garden just superb, and so wildlife friendly. We love alliums. Thankfully, the bees also love alliums and that works really really well for us. We’ve actually got some red tail bumbles nesting.

And for me that’s an honour. They don’t do us any harm, but they do Keep us alive. So that’s absolutely amazing, too.

Another Salvia. This is Hot Lips. This is an amazing plant. It flowers almost all summer. They start off red like this. They then become red and white, which is probably where they kind of hot lips thing comes from and they finish off almost white at the end of the year. Amazing! Purple roses, garden roses, just stunning and you can see the white Syringa at the back. There’s the leaves there of a buddleia, but they’ve yet to do their magic.

So, a little tour of my back garden through the ages from creation to say maturity, but there’s plenty more years to come.

But what’s really really amazing is that this whole garden takes about 2 hours a month to keep to look after, all we do is contain it and put in new plants from time to time when we’re out and we see things that we like.

We start them in the yard and then bring them into the back Garden so they stand a chance against the vast amount of green and vegetation that’s out there already..

If you would like this kind of a garden then please get in touch. You can message us or call 07970 41478 for and if we can get you started with a garden design that would be fantastic.

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