A low maintenance back garden, courtyard, redesign in Whitfield.

A tired garden that had become unmanageable, impractical and tired. We redesigned it to be clean, new, inviting and low maintenance.
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A low maintenance back garden, courtyard, redesign in Whitfield

I originally got a call from Clive in January 2022. Age and health were beginning to have an effect on his ability to manage his garden and he felt it was beginning to become more than he could manage. We set up an appointment for a consultation. Unfortunately, he had to postpone that appointment until later in the year.

Clive eventually got back to me in the spring and once again we set up an appointment. He wanted the front and rear gardens to be overhauled and tidied up. We discussed the plants that he wished to keep, the styles he was looking for, and the materials he wanted to use. As you can see a simple raised bed statement garden for the front using sleepers and blue slate. At the rear he was very keen to loose the straight lines. The trees to the rear of the garden were very overgrown and were blocking out a great deal of the sunlight so they needed to be cut back as far as possible, in fact you can see they were cut back to the property boundary.

It was decided to emphasize the slight slope in the garden and install a terrace that gave the garden two clear layers with two different mediums. A pergola to encourage the planting to gain even more different heights.

The brickwork gives the garden a very neat and clean look the lower paved area perfect for morning cuppa and the upper section great for later in the day.

The planting is a mixture of existing plants, cherry, rose, pansy and fuschia as well as planned scimmea, ceanothus and clematis for example. The pots in the front containing cherry laurels and pansys. Quite striking I think you’ll agree.

Its always a pleasure to have a client that wants to be very involved in the build and Clive and his wife were helpful all the way through. Very helpful because the budget was very tight on this build and some alterations to the build and indeed some of the planting will be installed by the client at a later date. In fact I can’t wait until next year so that we can come and see how the garden has matured. I think the transformation is already pretty massive, so nect year will be special.

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