A wonderful transformation for a new build garden in Lydden UK

In January this year, clients reached out to inquire about our garden design services via email. They had attached aerial photographs, visible below, and were seeking our assistance with their Garden design in Lydden.

Initial Contact and Consultation

We engaged in a phone conversation where I shared our Design Process Statement, outlining the collaborative journey towards creating their dream garden. Subsequently, they promptly called back to schedule a consultation, despite their tight schedules. During the consultation, we discussed their requirements, which included extending the patio by the patio doors, introducing curves, incorporating water features and decking, tropical plantings, shade elements, a pergola, accommodating space for their dogs, fostering a modern ambiance, and creating room for a BBQ.

Budget Considerations and Design Evolution

While the initial budget was constrained, it’s a common motivation for consulting a garden designer. The initial design featured graceful curves and conformed to the specified brief. However, we initiated a comprehensive phase of discussion and review, considering diverse opinions and possibilities. Despite the design aligning with the brief, it didn’t entirely meet both clients’ needs, given that they would reside in the garden upon completion.

Consequently, we implemented substantial adjustments, including the removal of the herb garden and the bed on the right side. Recognizing the garden’s need for increased elevation, we revised the budget to accommodate greater creativity. This allowed for notable additions like striking rendered walls, repositioning the pond and lawn, and centralizing the curve within the design.

Refinements and Collaboration with Landscapers

Further refinements included the removal of the pergola, fitted seating, raised sleeper sections, and decking, while expanding the lawn. Collaborative discussions with landscapers played a pivotal role in ensuring affordability and practicality during construction. Modifications during the construction phase are standard and necessary to ensure the garden’s dimensions align with our clients’ needs.

Project Completion and Planting

Upon the completion of the primary landscaping, we entrusted the project to our skilled plantsmen at Native Plants and Treecare, under Zach’s leadership. Zach enhanced the planting plan, procured and planted the selected flora, and added the finishing touches.


Client Satisfaction

Barbera S in 2023 expressed their satisfaction with our garden design in Lydden, stating, “We are delighted with the results now.” Such feedback brings immense satisfaction. For a more comprehensive view of the garden transformation, please explore the accompanying video.


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