Bennies Memorial Garden.

I received an e mail from Bennie in May this year. She had had a look around my website and also checked out many of my you tube videos. I called her back and when I asked if I was talking to Bennie, she said straight off, ‘Is that Simon?’

That was a first. I’m not used to that response. Bennie explained that her late husband had not long passed and she had a limited budget that she wanted to spend on her garden to make it the garden they had planned to build. It already had the Bonzai stand that housed his Bonzai collection and that would not only stay but also become the centre piece of the garden she wanted.

We arranged a convenient time for me to visit Bennies house in Cheriton for a consultation. It was a pleasure to discuss her wants and desires for her garden and make suggestions. She wanted a water feature, in fact she had seen the one she wanted and had already bought it. She wanted a seating area near the house and she wanted some grass, she didn’t have any at that time and she missed it. There was a particularly sunny spot at the end that would be perfect for end of the day sun, that needed to be included in the design.

Bennie wanted the garden built to fit in with several commitments in her diary. Alex our landscaper is happy to book projects in, even if her hasn’t seen or priced the design yet for a small holding fee which he did on this occasion. Thus Bennie knew the installation would occur just when she wanted it to. It also took a few weeks out of the lead time by booking the project in at this stage.

Bennie had many plants in pots that she wanted installed in her garden and they will augment those already there, there were some established plants such as wisteria and viburnham, hydrangea and an apple that would remain as features in the finished project.

We also looked at the budget Bennie had for her garden, although the brief was to design the garden that fitted the brief and look to make adjustments if we needed to.

The original design can be seen below. Thankfully, Bennie loved it. There were no initial revisions needed. I asked Alex of Alex James Landscapes to come and price the project. Alex has built all of my designs this year, his customer service is as good as his landscaping. Alex priced the project and we had to make some adjustments to the design to fit Bennies budget. With the three of us communicating on a regular basis we managed to construct a design that Bennie loved and fitted her pocket.

Alex began work on Bennies design in what might be the wettest October on record, it took a little longer than he had planned, but I think you’ll agree, the end result of principle landscaping is stunning. Its too late in the yest to begin planting, especially with all the rain we have had, so planting will occur in the spring. Here’s what Bennie had to say.

‘Well my garden transformation is complete. Original plan done by Simon Pollard of Simple Life & the hard landscaping done by Alex James Landscape Construction. The finished garden varies from the original design as during the construction process I changed my mind on some of the features & finer details with the help of Alex & Simon and the final result is everything I’d hoped it would be. Huge thanks to Alex & his team who were so hard working through the atrocious weather & really are the loveliest guys. Thanks to all involved for designing/building my dream garden. Roll on next Spring/Summer when I can get planting & enjoy it in all it’s glory. I’m sure Marc Seymour would approve, I just wish he was here to enjoy it with me. ❤️❤️❤️

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