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Multiple stage design in Whitstable (£5,000 - £12,000)

An excellent example of the power you gain by having a design. Our client commissioned a design during the summer and was integral to the design process as we made adjustments to suit her desires. Although we always try to establish the budget before we start to keep our designs affordable sometimes the decision is made to follow our dreams and then work out how to fund them as was the case here. When the design was approved and we moved into the costing process she realised that we had exceeded her original budget, her desires for the perfect garden had to be constructed in stages. The pond was installed first, we used all the stones and rocks we uncovered as we cleared the site. Eventually, the waterfall will be restored to former glories, we found a huge rectangular slab of stone and this replaced the original specification of stepping stones. All other elements were as per the original specification. Our client is going to carry out the planting herself. We love the transformation. Then at the other end of the garden the patio area was extended, we built rustic retaining walls and included a stepway to access the upper terrace leading to the already installed pond. Again existing paving will be used in the short term until finds are available to complete this section of the build. We will always work with the client to ensure progress is as they wish it.
If you are thinking about having work done on your garden please check out our garden design page.
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