The Perfect Garden Design for you!

If you're contemplating a garden transformation, a skilled garden designer can bring your vision to life. That's where we step in. Our expert team specializes in crafting exquisite gardens tailored to your desires and optimizing your outdoor space for your specific needs.

We are very happy with Simple Life and his team who really transformed our garden into a beautiful place.

Your garden made perfect for you!

If you are thinking of having your garden made over a good garden designer will help you realise your dreams. Which is where we come in. We will design you a beautiful garden that meets your needs and helps you use the garden in the way you want.

We are very happy with Simple Life and his team who really transformed our garden into a beautiful place.

Garden Design in Kent

Imagine the possibilities

Revamp Your Outdoor Space with Professional Garden Design in Kent

Imagine the potential of your garden – a sanctuary that transforms your world. How would you envision it? What elements would it feature? How would it evoke emotions within you? Our expertise lies in crafting tailored garden designs that bring your vision to life.

Experience your garden in its full glory; a vibrant, serene haven that’s not just pleasing to the eye but also offers a retreat for the soul. Whether your garden is small or sprawling, our garden designer can create a space that harmonizes with nature, enriches wildlife, and provides tranquility and rejuvenation for you.

Unlock the possibilities of your garden with our custom garden design services. Fill out the form below to embark on your journey towards a garden that reflects your dreams.

Design your bespoke garden

It all starts with an initial telephone conversation

Understanding your needs

What do you use your garden for? green fingers, need somewhere to relax, perhaps you would like an outdoor dining space, some running water or even a swimming pond...

Discovering your style

Let's have a conversation about your dream garden I guarantee we will come up with some fantastic ideas together.

Colours, Shapes & Textures

Whether you'd like paving or decking, a raised seating area, or structures for climbers, we can devise a planting plan to give you year-round, eye catching colour and scents.

garden design kent

Planning your Layout

If you're based in the Kent area, our professional team are happy to help. To get your garden looking perfect message Simon today. 

Client Testimonials

With years of experience in designing fantastic gardens, our process will ensure that your ideas and needs are met.

Enjoy your garden

Your garden is an extension of your home so should be treated with care.

Reconnect with nature

A garden can be used for all purposes but will help you reconnect with the outdoors.

Design Bespoke to you

SImple Life will bring your garden dreams to life so you can feel recharged outside.

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