How to design a garden – Part 5 – That X factor

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Hello, this is number five in our ‘how to design a garden’ series. We’ve talked about the questions you need to ask, what you want to do, where do you want to do it? What time of day is best here in your garden? We’ve talked about the travel of the sun and how that affects where you put things in your garden. We’ve talked about how you’re then going to actually get around your garden, but there’s an X Factor component that you need to consider when you are designing your garden.

And that’s that one magical ingredient that fires everything into life. And it varies, There’s one  garden that I designed, this had an imaginary rugby ball encasing it, enveloping the house and using that curve to make everything else fall into place. And that dominated the front, it dominated the back, it was the whole concept. I had another garden where the clients really wanted a winding country looking path. But we walk walking straight lines, so the secret here was to develop a curve that looked like a curve, but when you walked it, it felt like you were walking a straight line.

We’ve just done one recently whereby the client wanted curves and circles, but the garden lent itself to rectangles. I know I hate rectangles and straight lines in gardens, but it was mixing those two together that made that design work.

We’ve just done one on a slope, and because it’s in a triangular shape, we want to celebrate that triangle, but it was when we dropped a terraced shaped oval into the middle of that slope, everything else fell into place.

So, one of the most important things to do is to work out what that magical ingredient will be. The easy bit for me is I can do that on the computer.

But you’ve got to have that something that just makes your design work and then everything is easy. The design is simple, everything else falls into place. The client generally, if they see that moment of magic, likes what we do even more. And then that lovely, amazing development becomes awesome with that one magical X Factor.

Good luck!

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