How to Design your Garden Part 3 Hard Landscaping.

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This is part 3, remember in the first video, we said, ‘what is it you want to do in your garden?’  That list is key in the second. We said, ‘where does the Sun travel through your garden?’ Because that will determine where you put or where you structure all those activities in your garden. The third thing you need to actually work out is where you’re going to put all these things, exactly where the lines of traffic are going to be and you need to start thinking about the hard Landscaping.

What materials do you want to use? Block Paving as you can see behind me right now? Do you want to have decking? Do you want to use ordinary paving? Are you going to raise some of the levels in your garden for seating to increase the view, to change the view to see various things differently?

Materials have a huge effect. They can have a cost effect. That’s a serious consideration, but they can also have a huge impact on how your garden actually looks and ultimately how the soft landscaping and any sculpture or any other elements you’re going to include will be affected. So think carefully. Once you’ve got those lines of traffic and you’ve got those areas for seating or sitting sorted What materials do you want to use? They may well be affected by your budget too.

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