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Hi, Simon from Simple Life here. This is a short video about how you edge your pond, since I’ve had several comments on social media and people asking. They ask how should we actually anchor the liner to the ground, and how do we stop water leaking out from the edge? Now, people have been putting hessian around ponds and worrying about it leaking the water – this could happen. People have been putting turf up to the edge of the water and worrying about water leaking up through the turf – this will happen.

But they say if we leave the liner, then it can get damaged in the sun – and again, this can happen. Now as a garden designer, this is something that I have to think about. Now in the first place, most liner’s these days are pretty tough and it’s going to take a lot of sunshine to actually do any real damage. Not all of them, but all those I’ve ever used, I’ve not had an issue with. But you do still need to anchor the liner to the edge.

Now, you can possibly see behind me some of the liner on this pond is actually into the pointing on a small brick wall, it anchors it really solidly and really, really well. But we also have got liner going up to the edge and we have put turf onto it, but what you need to do is make sure that the turf and the water don’t connect, because if they do, water will leak away.

We like to leave the grass long in those situations, so that the grass will then fall over the edge. You’ll see here behind me also there are bluebells and other planting, which, of course as they decay, have also leaned over the edge which is a really good way. And quite often what we’ll do is anchor the edge of the liner with stones or with gravel and again, that can work really, really well, especially if you make that area kind of slightly boggy.

So, you’ve got a bogey margin and again, you can put in plants that will like that environment, so no need to get too hung up on where the edge of the liner is. And another way while I think about it, is you can probably see the chairs behind me where the line is actually attached to the stone edge, we used mastic to attach it, and then we’ve actually got decking over the edge of the pond.

So, it doesn’t need to be the most beautiful, fantastic job and it just needs to be solid. And it’s lovely to sit over water is really, really refreshing and it’s energetic, especially in here you are sat underneath the canopy of a copper beach tree.

If you’ve got any questions about garden design, about how we work things together, how we knit things together, then please give us a bell and get in touch. Thank you very much indeed. Goodbye. #simonmpollard #simplelife #gardendesigns

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