Low maintenance colour for an client to easily access.

Our client in Tenterden, an lady of generous years and a little unsteady on her feet wanted the garden she had converting into a garden she could easily access, that had plenty of colour and needed little maintenance.  The last two pictures, the garden as we found it had paths that sloped, a pond that also had a sloping bank and slabs just laid on the ground.  Inaccessible to human and wildlife.

Our brief was to use as much of the existing garden as possible and create something simple.  We entered the design process.  There were several jugglings before we agreed to go ahead.  The meadow turf area was enlarged considerably, the beds reduced, the ground around the pond leveled and paving on site was used to create a seating area at the far end of the pond.

It’s been awesome to return recently to begin the task of planting and see how much the meadow has grown.  Clovers are doing very well and there is some yellow rattle. We’ll need to keep our eye on that one to make sure it doesn’t begin to dominate.  Next year there will be honesty and ox-eye daisies to look forward to.

Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard

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