Low Maintenance Terrace Garden in Canterbury

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A low maintenance terrace garden in Canterbury.

Our lovely client in Canterbury first got in touch in April last year. We had a conversation and then I heard no more. I assumed the opportunity was gone, as ever though I occasionally kept in touch and in September she got back in touch and said, ‘I have the money, can we go ahead with the design?’

We had the consultation meeting on site and she explained that she had just been made redundant and with the money she had bought the house that she was ‘doing up’. It would probably be a holiday let and so therefore needed a garden that was very easy to maintain, no lawn and slow growing plants.

When we arrived the garden was very over grown, there was a path, however it wasn’t very easy to walk and all the planting had got very large and blocked the way. Once upon a time though the garden had quite obviously been well loved, there were fruit trees, hellebores and a salvia that were kept. The shed had to go, it was surplus to requirements and blocked the whole of the garden from the house, most of the existing planting was removed and the whole area opened right up.

Whilst originally the design had different materials on the ground our client felt that paving would be the best option. Without some design principles involved the paving would have dominated the whole garden so I included curves in the design and also rotated some of the paving to break up the lines and soften the garden.

The beds are made from sleepers and are of different heights to give more variety to the visual impact.

Once the hard landscaping was installed, (Thanks to Alex Donovan of Alex James Landscape Construction https://www.facebook.com/p/Alex-James-Landscape-Construction-100054648421865/ ) for the hard work, Zach from Native Gardens and Treecare (https://native-gardens.co.uk/) came and installed the planting.

I think they have both done a fantastic job of work.

What do you think.

This is what Becky had to say.. ‘Having Simon design and project manage from start to finish was a complete blessing. Simon is professional, timely and such a talented designer, merging aesthetics and practicality. Simon is a breath of fresh air.’

Please check out the video.

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Simon Pollard

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