Pond Construction with Meadow Turf in Whitstable

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Paving, Path & Meadow Turf Project in Whitstable (£5,000- £12,000)

Corporate membership of the Kent Wildlife Trust has advantages other than the right to use their logo in our public branding. We also get featured in their magazine ‘Wild Kent’. It was as a result of this exposure that we got asked to install a pond and patio area in a garden in Whitstable.
Our client had an area of land at the end of her garden that had been left untouched and whilst wildlife-friendly was not fantastically people friendly. The pond featured in the KWT article had inspired the call, so a pond was a given. Access to the area was limited so removal of waste was tricky, thus a small hill was constructed using the soil removed from the pond which was in turn covered in wildlife-friendly meadow turf. As accredited members of the good people at wildflower turf Ltd, we are biased, but meadows need so little maintenance and give so much colour it was the obvious choice.
We used reclaimed sleepers to add to the rustic effect as well as support the whole structure due to the sloping nature of the site and then extended them to border a paved area so our client can enjoy the new habitat we created for her.

The pond, well that has a section two-foot in-depth as well as shallow margins, thus giving different habitats for pond dwellers to inhabit, as well as easily get in or out.
Our clients scored us at 9/10 for workmanship, 10/10 for attitude and 8/10 for the way we dealt with changes. We’ll take that.

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