Prepare you garden for SPRING, it’s good to be lazy.

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I like to talk to you a little bit about preparing the garden for winter. Short answer. Don’t!  Don’t prepare your garden for winter. Leave it a little if you like Wildlife especially, even more reason to leave it.  Leave it looking a bit untidy. Leave it looking a little ragged. Now you might ask why would you do that?

That’s simple, two reasons the first one Is it provide shelter and cover for animals throughout the winter?  That’s really really cool. Secondly those seeds may well provide food for them.

Thirdly then, obviously I lied. Those seeds that don’t get eaten are planting for next year.  So if you leave those seeds on the ground, then you are probably increasing the plants that you will get throughout next year. That is amazing. So just leave the garden to do its thing and in about March time cut your plants back and tidy things up.  Prepare for spring. So there’s the message don’t prepare for winter prepare your garden for spring. Help save wildlife, increase the flowering and reduce the work, that’s got to be brilliant.

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