Stunning Courtyard in Deal, Kent. Number 1. From Bland to Beautiful!

Stunning Courtyard in Deal Kent From a boring, tired enclosed space to beautiful, relaxing space that relaxes you. Sunshine, shade, colour and sounds.
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Stunning Courtyard in Deal, Kent.

Stunning Courtyard in Deal, Kent. The Garden Before…

Stunning Courtyard in Deal, Kent. Our clients wants and needs.

Our clients wanted to transform their garden.  Having just retired, they wanted a low maintenance garden with shrubs and perennials to provide colour. Raised beds for ease of maintenance and a pond to provide sound and life.  

Different places to sit and enjoy or shelter from the sun were also important. 

As was a change of materials to reduce the start nature of the available use of space, hence composite decking, resined gravel and paving.

Stunning Courtyard in Deal, Kent. The garden when we arrived.

The garden was very untidy, there was a hedge at least 2 meters deep taking up a huge amount of space, making the garden feel small and closed in.

It was full of old and tired concrete that the weeds were breaking up and starting to grow through. There was nowhere to sit, nothing to look at, no water, no features. It didn’t look good from the kitchen. There was nothing to invite you into the garden from the house. In fact our clients husband actually refuseed to go outside at all.

Water also collected by the back door. A design was desperately needed.

Stunning Courtyard in Deal, Kent. The Design

To make a Stunning Courtyard in Deal, Kent, well, there was a lot of discussion about the hedge because it was very popular with the birds, the original design kept sections of it in, but ultimately it was agreed that it had to go, in fact the new fence really lightens up the area, and with the hedge gone the space feel much larger. Our client also wanted several places to sit, the pergola is the perfect spot for the evening and the other end of the garden suits elevenses. Raised beds will allow for more gentle gardening, in fact as is common with our designs and clients the planting is very low maintenance, good for wildlife and colourful. Shrubs such as hebes, viburnham and forsythia, for example are in the plan…

Water is a vital feature of any garden giving harmony and sound. Here it is placed in the shadier side of the garden to keep blanket weed and the likes to a minimum, as well as the sound being audible from the bungalow.

Because of the large space we selected different materials and slightly different levels to remove the blandness of a large space. making the area spacious without being boring.

Our client was very pleased with the end result. In fact Tina said, ‘I can’t believe how big my garden feels, my retirement has become so much more attractive with a space I can enjoy without having to spend hours looking after.’ Tina March 2023.

What do you think of the garden? We’d love to hear your thoughts, please let us know. Thank you

Stunning Courtyard in Deal, Kent. Enjoy a Video Tour.

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