Swimming Ponds

The ultimate retreat
for water & nature lovers

Reconnect with nature and awaken your senses

Imagine the feeling of swimming in your own beautifully balanced pond, surrounded by nature and filled with life.

Built to fit in with your existing landscape a swimming pond provides a natural habitat for wildlife as well as a stunning visual and recreational asset for your home.

Swimming Pond Design

Swimming ponds are a unique feature for your property and provide a place to swim that is completely natural and chemical-free. By using a combination of plants, filtration and circulation systems we are able to create a pond that is naturally balanced, safe to swim in and requires very little maintenance.

Improve your home with a swimming pond

Swimming ponds are not only a great addition to your property from a recreational standpoint, but they can also enhance the overall look of your landscape. By incorporating a swimming pond into your garden design you can create a stunning focal point that promotes wildlife and provides a natural swimming experience.

Why chose a swimming pond?

There are many reasons to choose a swimming pond over a traditional pool 

swimming ponds

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"We are very happy with Simple Life and his team who really transformed our garden into a beautiful place. Thoroughly enjoying our natural swimming pool and stream. We’ve even already spotted a Kingfisher!"
Arjan & Jacolien

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Swimming Ponds FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Very little maintenance is needed to keep your natural swimming pond healthy and happy. to keep your pond in balance and looking great, you will only need to empty the inbuilt skimmer daily. We would also recommend vacuuming the pool each month.

Professional cleaning is advised annually.

Designs start from £800 depending on the project – Please contact me for more info

Swimming ponds are considered in the same category as swimming pools, and according to current planning regulations you generally do not need planning permission as long as:

1. Your property is not listed
2. The site is within the current boundary of the property, 
3. You are not in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

For more information visit legislation.gov.uk/

The water in your swimming pond will be kept clean and clear by a combination of plants, circulation and filtration systems.

Plants play a vital role in the eco-system of your pond as they help to oxygenate the water and absorb nutrients that would otherwise lead to algae growth. 

A circulation system keeps the water moving, which helps to distribute oxygen and prevents stagnation. It also ensures that any debris is swept into the skimmer for removal.

A filtration system removes any remaining debris, bacteria and algae from the water before it is returned to the pond.

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