The Best Garden Design for a Courtyard Garden in Canterbury.

Straight lines and a clean and tidy look are the feature of this garden that includes a pond, a raised seating area, composite seating and a hidden raised seating area for a teenager.
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The best garden Design for a courtyard garden in Canterbury. My client in Canterbury originally got in touch last year. We spoke and I sent her a copy of the Design Process Statement. She then invited me to visit her and her garden for a consultation. Always a pleasure. We spent a pleasant hour or so discussing ideas and possibilities for her garden. As you can see in the picture below, the garden was on two levels, and felt very small and closed in. The garden needed to feel much bigger! it also had to work for her teenage daughter and include a raised seating area.

Unfortunately our client had to wait before we could begin the design process, life took on an unexpected turn. She got back in touch with me in January this year. She inquired whether the design would still cost the same as last years quote. It was, so she turned the fee around and the project was booked in.

Our client was a big fan of clear straight lines. You can see this represented in the design. She also has a very busy lifestyle and currently wanted no planting to look after. At a later date when her life becomes a little less hectic she will consider having some pot plants. The sound of water was important, so the pond is also featuring the clear use of simple straight lines. A small seating area, primarily for two people that gave a great view of the garden was balanced with access to the rear gate. Here we set off the straight lines by implementing curves.

The walls are white silicon render so they will stay white longer and be easy to clean. The black composite seating provides an amazing contrast to the white.

The high level seat was included and that is best seen by watching the video which not only shows the seat, but gives a whole different view of the garden.

This was one of those wonderful moments where by when I showed her the design she just said, ‘That’s brilliant, you’ve got it just right’. This happens more and more these days. That’s because during the consultation,notes are made and checked and discussion is always welcomed.

Alex of Alex James Landscapes came and priced up the project. He turned around the quote inside of two weeks. There was a lot of discussion around the monkey bars, however, my client approved the quote and work got underway three weeks later during April 2023. It took approximately 3 weeks to install. The set of monkey bars are still to install and we’ll bring you pictures of these when they are installed.

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