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I’ve been asking people what it is they get from their gardens and people have said; well, I’ll get fruit or flowers, some said it gave them a place to sit. So, what do I get from my garden…? What I mainly get is a little bit of peace, and peace of mind. But to do that I’ve got lots of different places for different times of day, different times of year, different kinds of weather. So, let me just show you…

This is the seating area at the back of our pond. What do I get from here? I get a fantastic place where I can sit, and I can hear water. It’s fantastic, especially in the winter because you can see in the corner there, they actually stop the North East winds, which can be really, really cold, especially in the winter. So, we are actually just dealing with cold and not windchill, which is fantastic.

But what’s also brilliant about this spot, it’s brilliant for spring sunshine because the tree above us has got no leaves on it at that time, so we then catch the sun. It’s a really good, nice sunny spot, but that then picks up again in August because then we actually get some shelter from the sun when the tree has leaves. Well, most years, this year has not been so good.

If we then come across to our Moroccan corner, where we’ve got our spiral columns, and we’ve got a lot of trellis on the top. It’s a great place to sit in the morning, gets morning sun first thing, but the trellis is really good at just breaking up the sunshine and it is also giving us a completely different view of the garden. We only put that in this year and we’re really pleased with it.

As we move further down, we’ve got the main bedded area. We’re now in August and we’ve still got some Hollyhocks, the last of the Buddleia, Crocosmia is showing, we’ve got Anemones giving us some colour still and one or two roses.

If we then come round to the pergola, it’s absolutely fantastic for sun at the end of the day. It’s a lovely place to sit at dusk, it’s also got a roof on it so we can sit out here when it’s raining, which is absolutely brilliant. And we’ve just now actually, finally installed our chimney and we’ve got underneath it some paving so that we can actually use it here on the decking of an evening. We can now use it almost all year round because we can sit and be warm whenever.

So, what we’ve got in our garden, and it’s designed that way, is the most amazing place where we can sit at any time over of year, at any time of day, and we can be really, really chilled. The most amazing thing is, despite all the plants, despite all the colour, despite all of the life comes into here, we pretty much spend not much more than an hour or so a month looking after it, and that for me, is fantastic.

So, if your garden isn’t enticing you out, isn’t giving you that calm and that peace that you need, and that amazing invigorating experience, please get in touch with Simple Life and we’ll see if we can help to design you a garden that does. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard

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