The real cost of garden design and landscaping. Dispelling the myths of TV design program costings

I’d like to take a couple of moments of your time to talk to you about the costs of garden design. This is because I’ve been watching some of the design programs on the TV.  They’re brilliant for ideas, they’re brilliant for putting all the elements of your garden together in a way and in a style that you want and they listen to people brilliantly.  

What worries me is the way they explain the costings.  They are misleading.  

The cost of landscaping your garden has three main costs. The design, the labour and the materials.

These TV shows are misleading because; a, the landscapers are generally working for nothing. They understand the publicity value of being on the TV, b, the designer’s fees are covered by the TV companies. So the prices that they often quote are just for the materials.

That’s misleading.

If you have your design landscaped it’s going to cost a few quid. But if you get a garden designer in who knows those costs, then those costs are kept realistic.

I know within reason what the garden design will cost to be landscaped and I will make sure that the designs that we put together you can afford. How do I do that? I ask you right at the beginning of the process, ‘What is your workable budget?’ And then I design a garden that, within reason, can be built for that budget.

That means that when we create a garden design that you love it can be realized with the pennies you have available. I don’t do the landscaping, but I’ve got subcontractors that I know and work well with and we have a good relationship with and can recommend.

So if you use simple life for your garden design we’ll keep everything absolutely realistic, all the way through so that you know, your budget can cope with the designs that we build.

Simon Pollard, simple life garden design for your garden, life kept simple.

Thank you.

Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard

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