The sound of water and a meadow in Herne Bay

Our client wanted a garden design that would help to tame her very wild garden. The sound of water was a necessity. So were the hornbeam swing trees. Planting was kept basic and easy to maintain due to our clients busy life.

So we moved the pergola that was on site to a central position and built the pond within it. A specially made water spout was fabricated and a pump installed to circulate the water. Two beds to the rear (right hand side) of picture were installed and buddleia, viburnham and cyanothus were planted. these were fronted by meadow turf. A seat that matched the pond was installed in front of a section of hit/miss panelling surrounded by two pyracantha green screens. to the left of the picture one of the hornbeam trees can be seen. These trees are a specialist item and were ‘specially’ delivered from Holland.

At the other end of the garden is a curved brown sandstone patio with some solid composite decking in front of the kitchen. The whole of the garden is connected with some matching paving and shingle.

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Simon Pollard

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