The Swimming Pond Project

swim pond

Garden design is so much fun when you get to design projects like this. A swimming pool, a large pond attached, a header pond and a linking stream, crossed by paths, waterfalls, plus dragonflies, kingfishers and a buzzard all included. Enjoy!

Hi, Simon from Simple Life here. I’m at the swimming pond project that I began designing in November last year, 2020.

I got a call for a swimming pond, and I thought ‘that’s a bit strange’, so I came over and met the clients and they were lovely, and we talked about their ideas and what they already had. And here we are in September of 2021, that’s almost eleven months later and it exists. It’s been built. It’s been created!

I’m sitting on a chair on the jetty, a comfy reclining chair, and I feel absolutely amazed. I’ve designed this. That’s lovely. I feel utterly awake and alive, in the most amazing place.

So, just have a look around and just enjoy the sounds of water, the sights of young flowers. There are red-veined darter dragonflies, mating, ovipositing, it’s beautiful. It’s amazingly awesome in every way. And apparently, they’ve even had kingfisher is coming through – and how cool is that? Can you imagine kingfishers in your own garden? Wow.

Enjoy a Simple Life Garden Design.

So, as you can see behind me, a lot of the land-based plants have still got to go in. We’ve got all of the kind of aquatic parts in, and they need to build up because we need to get some cover over the water because we don’t want it to get to kind of algal nutrient rich. But I can’t wait to come back next year when the terrestrial planting is in and we get the drone in and we get some drone shots. My golly, it’s amazing when you see people have big ideas and you can be part of making those dreams become real.

What a way to live your life.

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