Why is this the perfect pergola? Part two, a pergola for the busy professional.

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Why is this the perfect pergola part 2? Because look it’s raining. It’s tipping down, I can be outside and I’m not getting wet. That means I can come out here, I Can tap into all that natural energy that is outside when it rains! but this is even more important to me because I work for myself. I’m self-employed. I’ve been working hard and being productive in my office.

I’m inside and I’ve got the heater on and you know, it’s making me sleepy so  I’ve done my hour and a half productivity and I’m coming out here for 20 minutes to clear my head to get some fresh air, to make me feel awake again, to re-energize myself, to rejuvenate my little old gray cells and it’s working. I’m fully awake. So I’m going to be able to go back in to my office. I’m going to be able to work at maximum productivity.

Fresher and more productive because I’ve cleared my mind of that fog that can set in when we sit inside with a heater on. So that’s it. If you’re self-employed having the perfect pergola and allowing yourself to come outside for about 20 minutes break, to refresh to go back in is brilliant! So, if you’re self-employed and you want to be able to work more productively. Then you need to talk to me. My name is Simon Pollard. I design Gardens, and you can talk to me by calling 079 704 1478 for how cool is that. Thank you. Bye.

Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard

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