Why is this the perfect Pergola?

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I’m sitting in what could be the perfect pergola.

Why you might ask is this the perfect Pergola? Well, I’ll show you see we’ve had to rebuild it because the old one was falling apart. We had to do a controlled collapse, but we rebuilt it similarly to the last one. We straightened up some lines and expanded it a bit. Let me show you.

Firstly, if you look behind me you’ll see a large black fence and the wall of the office. Now the walls a facing east the fence is facing North. So that means that we can sit out here and be perfectly sheltered from those two cold winds. That’s brilliant.

You can also see that a large amount of the pergola has got a roof on it. That is perfect. Because one of the most amazing experiences that we can enjoy is being outside when it’s raining. Being outside when it’s raining is awesome; Just as long as you’re not getting wet! those of you who follow the videos will know that I’m partial to being outside when it’s raining.

If you remember the wall is facing East and the sun sets in the west. That means that when we are sitting in the pergola of an evening, when as working people we quite often are, then we get to sit on the pergola in the evening sheltered from the East and the north winds, while the sun is warming are faces and that is superb.

So that means also it’s the perfect place to relax. It’s the perfect place to socialize at the time of day when we are usually socializing.  You’ll also see at the back we’ve kept the large entangled Jasmine vines which are very characterful. There’s also a star jasmine, and although it’s not looking at his best right now on the post right behind me is an Italian leather plant. That’s a purple clematis, the flowers are spectacular in early summer.

The honeysuckle will regrow, the rose will regrow, the creeper will regrow too. We’re going to get that kind of lived in feeding once again, but we’ve also installed some really cool composite decking. As well as looking awesome, it’s never going to get slippery. It’s never going to be slimy. It’s going to keep that perfect sharp look which is going to give the combination of a modern and cottagey kind of garden and that is exactly what this was planned to be. So no wind, No rain and in the sun in the evening, For sorted planting and beautiful composite decking for the perfect pergola Simon Pollard simple life garden design.

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