Why Viburnham is the perfect Shrub for your Garden in winter.

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This is a viburnham, they usually flower from around about December all the way around to March and that makes it the most fantastic winter plant.  If you look closely they have white slightly pinky flowers and they are out for the whole of December through to March giving those cold dark winter days a little bit of light and a little bit of cheer which is fantastic. It makes it the most amazing plant to put in your garden for winter to give it some colour.

This year was a little old because when I came out at beginning of November to give it a little bit of a trim before it got into its full bloom for winter the flowers were already coming into bud. So at the moment it’s rather large is rather overgrown, but there’s no way that I’m going to cut it when it’s full of flowers. I love this plant, it’s fantastic, one of my favourites, because it gives me colour in Winter.

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Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard

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