Why you should put a net over your pond in Autumn.

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A pond is a vital element of any wildlife friendly Garden..

At this time of year with these leaves falling it is important to keep them out of the water, and the best way to do that is to put a net over your pond and keep out the whole lot. Why should you do that? You need to do that because when leaves fall into the water they settle and they begin to rot, they then decompose and make the water really rich in nutrients. Rich water and sunshine is the perfect recipe for producing blanket weed. And we don’t want blanket weed in our ponds covering everything. So round about the beginning of September get a net out and cover the whole of the pond,

As soon as the leaves have finished falling then take the net off, put the leaves in to the composter for next year or out for the green waste, but keep them out of your pond. Enjoy!

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