Wildlife Friendly Gardening

Protect British nature and enjoy a thriving and peaceful outdoor space

Simple Life stands for supporting Britain’s declining wildlife population that has been taken for granted by so many of us for so long. Championing the Hedgehog,  Bumblebees & Sparrows. Simple Life aims to attract and protect wildlife in the everyday British garden.

A Wildlife Friendly Garden designed just for you!

The wildlife around us brings life and vitality to our gardens and then by default to us to.  By careful choice of planting we can provide the food that is required by a great many insects, bees especially and this will encourage these little saviours to our gardens.  They will also bring other insect into our gardens that will then encourage birds into our gardens. A welcome addition to the feeders many of us are keen to put up for the enjoyment they provide watching the birds we share our lives with.

No wildlife garden is complete without a pond, the greatest source of life in our world.  Many amazing creatures such as dragonflies and damsel flies, frogs and newts all require water for part of their lifecycle.  There are few creatures in our world a visually stunning as a dragonfly, all reds, blues, greens and yellows and we can have them in our lives.

By designing a garden with wildlife we can create a garden that is full of life and in return will give us life.

✅Rest, recharge & feel alive
✅Connect with nature
Support the wildlife around

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Why Use Simple Life?

"Beauty beyond our dreams" - Libby M

Simon helped these customers create garden designs just for them.  This is what they had to say…

Simon and his team have turned our small shady garden into an oasis of beauty beyond our dreams. Choose Simple Life and enjoy your garden.
Libby M
We love our new wildlife garden we have noticed an increase of bird life already. They look beautiful in the spring when they flower and the autumn colours are striking. Thank you x
Kaye S
Simon's expertise was so useful in planning the project and it is so obvious he completely loves what he does.
Deborah T

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